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Manufacturers of feminine hygiene organic products of ecological, sustainable and healthy feminine hygiene products.

We are manufacturers of feminine hygiene organic products, we prioritize women's health and its different vital stages to provide the market with an organic, sustainable and high quality option.

Who are we?

Since 2017, Mapelsa has manufactured and distributed its organic feminine hygiene products from the Nur Organic brand. In these 35 years of history, Mapelsa has faced a series of changes always trying to find the market requirements to reach a more sustainable and responsible future. We have become a company with great adaptability to different markets inside and outside our borders.

Mapelsa is a family business founded in 1982 with headquarters in Barcelona, created and promoted by and for women. Our quality guarantee is based on our history and background of 35 years of experience in the sector, developing and manufacturing hypoallergenic 100% cotton products for feminine care. Constant work and innovation, driven by a passion for offering the highest quality on the market, has allowed us to evolve and create a wide range of products with our consumer, the environment and society in mind. 

Since 1982, more than 35 years in the sector.

Mission and objectives

We base our quality control systems on the identification, understanding and management of all our processes to ensure and efficiently organize our objectives. 

We are committed to generating a positive social and environmental impact by collaborating with different organizations and entities to provide the next generations with an ethical, respectful and responsible heritage.

Values and ethics

At Mapelsa we are governed by ethical principles such as transparency, social responsibility, quality and commitment to the environment. All our raw materials come from organic and responsible agriculture, being totally biodegradable. (GOTS values). Our commitment to women’s health has led us to create a range of products made from 100% organic and biodegradable cotton to provide a synthetic-free, hypoallergenic and greener option thanks to the use of natural and sustainable materials.

Research and development

At Mapelsa we are specialists throughout manufacturing process of our products. From the selection of our raw materials to the finished product, we take care of design, production and innovation to ensure full functionality and minimal impact on our environment. We are also in constant growth, thanks to our R&D work.


From design to manufacturing, Mapelsa products are developed in Barcelona. We are one of the few companies in the world that manufactures 100% organic cotton pads thanks to our patented technology. We undergo internal and external controls to ensure the quality of our products and their compatibility with users. Our design department is able to adapt to requests for customizing of our products through a new brand. The wrappers (individual wrapping bag) (PLA) are customizable with up to four colors.

Raw materials

At Mapelsa we manufacture all our products with raw materials grown in environments and land free of pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers. With this commitment we can offer our customers a hypoallergenic and toxic-free option that, in turn, provides fair working conditions for farmers. We have a traceability system backed by the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate that guarantees the quality of our products and encourages a cultivation of non-genetically modified and organic products.

Research and Development

This department is divided into 2 areas: research area and product development area + technological processes. We work closely with laboratories across Europe to incorporate the most advanced and sustainable technology into our products, available to our clients. Our research focuses on product refinement and the development of new ways to meet the demands of our market. For this reason, we investigate new, healthier supply chains and innovative technologies capable of promoting the physical well-being of clients, complying with the standards of protection and preservation of the environment. An example is biodegradable PLA (vegetable foil), which allows us to manufacture a higher quality product, guaranteeing functionality and reducing energy consumption by up to 65%.

100% organic cotton

The use of cotton as a raw material allows us to offer great quality in our products. Cotton is a material made of high resistance fibers. These fibers, apart from their high absorption potential, give a great softness to this material and prevent excessive contact as well as possible adhesions to the skin. For this reason, constant perspiration and a feeling of freshness are maintained.


Cellulose is an organic compound made up of β-glucose. It is the most abundant molecule on Earth and is part of the structural tissues of plants. Its fibers make it an ideal material to form part of the nuclei of our most absorbent compresses. The cellulose used in the manufacture of many tissues comes from recycling this material and may contain traces of toxic chemical compounds that could be absorbed through the skin. For this reason, at Mapelsa we only use virgin cellulose from sustainable forests to ensure its purity and preserve its properties. Cellulose bleaching is completely chlorine free.


Bamboo is a fast growing plant with low water requirements. Its properties make it a 100% biodegradable raw material and ideal to give our products more absorption. It is a material that is respectful of sensitive skin, non-irritating, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Its porosity allows the perspiration of the tissues and the non-accumulation of odor.

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