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"We take care of women's healthy lifestyle way".

In our daily life we use all kinds of products, both food and cosmetics. Increasingly, we are looking at the composition of these and modifying our dietary and health habits to approach a more ecological and healthy of women’s healthy lifestyle way.

But have we stopped to think about what's in the pads, tampons and panty liners we use so regularly?

In Mapelsa we manufacture all our products with organic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and chemical-free materials to reduce the risk of allergic reactions, itching and pathologies derived from the frequent use of pads, pantyliners and tampons. The properties of cotton allow our products to be ideal for any type of woman with or without previous pathologies. The continuous contact of cotton with our skin does not generate pathologies at a dermal level due to exposure, nor at a systemic level due to absorption. This is why gynecologists, midwives and other health professionals have always recommended the use of cotton clothing and intimate hygiene products.

Cotton fibers are very absorbent

Cotton fibers are very absorbent and can be replaced by synthetic polymers used in other products on the market. It has been proven that these super-absorbent polymers, once they come into contact with some liquid, are capable of diffusing through the pad and coming into contact with the skin. 

The skin and the vaginal mucous membranes have the ability to absorb the substances they come into contact with, and to carry them directly into the bloodstream. For these reasons, it is so important to have an option on the market that offers the qualities and quality of natural materials without giving up the functionality and discretion that our society demands.

A constantly changing society requires constant adaptation and innovation of our products.

Feminine hygiene products have increasingly sought to adapt to our lifestyle by seeking maximum absorption with minimum appearance. This has led to a wide variety of chemical products being the most commonly used materials for their manufacture: polyethylenes, polypropylenes, polyacrylate polymers, perfumes… Continued contact with these products can lead to dermatological problems such as skin irritation, contact dermatitis, allergies from continued exposure to toxins and even toxic shock syndrome (TSS). To all these problems, we can also add those that can be caused by the pads, not because of their composition but because of their functionality. 

Cotton fibres prevent irritation and health problems.

Pads with superabsorbent polymers and/or materials that are not very breathable can cause dry skin or fungal problems such as dermo-vaginitis or candidiasis. 

It is estimated that more than 10% of gynecological consultations are due to vulvar pathologies or discomforts, originated during the fertile period of women, which can seriously affect the quality of life of women who suffer from them. Their cause: the frequent use of tight clothing and intimate hygiene products that are not very breathable.

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