Menstrual cup manufacturers organicup.

The menstrual cup for your brand is a great alternative to pads and tampons. It is made with the best raw material available on the market, surgical silicone, so it is comfortable and soft, as well as reusable. It is biodegradable. Do you know that if you bury it it will end up falling apart in six years in a completely natural way?

What is it?

The menstrual cup is reusable and adapts perfectly to the vaginal walls collecting the menstrual flow. It is made of Surgical Silicone (100% Platinum Silicone), a safe material composed of silicon and carbon that prevents allergies and inflammation. Its use is very simple: just apply it internally, like a tampon, and after a few hours, empty it into the toilet. It is ideal for sports such as running or diving, because it is very comfortable. It is also ideal for sleeping, as it collects all the bleeding naturally.

In addition, it is a great ecological alternative that minimizes waste. It is compatible with the IUD and the contraceptive ring.

The use of menstrual cups is not associated with any known case of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

How do you use it?

To insert it

Before using the menstrual cup, sterilize it for 3 minutes in boiling water and wash your hands with soap and water.

Squeeze the cup to fold it lengthwise.

Hold the cup with the fingers of one hand, using the other hand to gently separate the lips.

Insert the cup obliquely towards the bottom, the ideal placement is lower than that of the tampons.

Once inserted, release it so that it opens and adheres to the vaginal walls.

To extract it

Before removing the menstrual cup, wash your hands with soap and water.

Pull on the lower cuff. You can use the muscles in your vagina to press on it and help it come out.

If you find it difficult, you can insert a finger and pull the cup away from the walls of your vagina to remove the vacuum.

Pour out the contents of the cup, rinse it with water if necessary, and insert it again.

We recommend that you boil it after use. Check that the sub-pressure holes are not obstructed, if they are, you can clean them with a needle. Store it in the bag provided or in any container that is not airtight.


100% platinum silicone menstrual cup. Extremely soft with superior ring for perfect anatomical fit. Platinum is medical surgical silicone, suitable for internal use and biocompatible. Its manufacturing process is peroxide free, which gives it greater resistance and durability. The extraction design is adaptable to all vaginal anatomy. Its rings allow length modification with an ergonomic finish.


Nurcup comes in two different sizes to fit your body depending on your age and maternity background.

Capacities and sizes

Size S/M

Internal length (without sleeve): 45 mm.

Outer length (with sleeve): 67 mm

Inside diameter: 30 mm

Outer diameter: 42 mm

Capacity: 15 ml

Size L

Internal length (without sleeve): 50 mm

Outer length (with sleeve): 72 mm

Inside diameter: 36 mm

Outer diameter: 47 mm

Capacity: 20 ml

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